REDCap for ACE

Our ACE Girls Neurogenetics Network utilizes REDCap as our primary database for participant self-reporting data collection. 

What is REDCap?

REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. It provides researchers with a secure web-based platform for building and maintaining surveys and databases. It was developed at Vanderbilt University and funded by NIH to carry out quality research securely and effectively. REDCap sports a flexible and user-friendly structure for data entry forms and surveys that allows for controlled access to your projects. Demonstration and tutorial videos are currently available on the website for the REDCap Consortium at

How does REDCap work?

REDCap is accessible from any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices. When data is entered into REDCap, it is stored remotely but is displayed locally. This provides great security because files containing sensitive data never leave the data center. You can import data into REDCap as well as export data from REDCap.

What security measures are in place?

REDCap servers are guarded by multiple firewalls and intrusion detection systems. All electronic connections to the REDCap environment are encrypted. The REDCap production system is comprised of PHP on the front-end and MySQL database server back-end. The web server resides in a demilitarized zone to ensure that survey participants are able to access REDCap surveys from any device connected to the Internet. The data stored in the REDCap database server can be accessed by the REDCap end users by logging in and opening the REDCap project(s) that they have been granted access to by the owners of the projects.

How is data transferred to the REDCap environment?

Data can be uploaded to REDCap via the Data Import Tool, an application provided by REDCap. Once logged into REDCap, users click on the Data Import Tool and a set of basic step by step instructions will enable you to import data from various data structures, including Excel CSV.

Can data be exported from REDCap?

Yes, data can be exported in many formats to any local encrypted device. REDCap allows you to deselect PHI data prior to exportation. Please ensure that any device that would have PHI data on it is properly encrypted. As of February 2009, maximum fines are $1.5 million (Federal) and $250,000 (State) for malicious or negligent use of PHI data. California law allows fines to be levied against individuals in addition to those levied against institutions, and several such incidents have already occurred.