Philanthropically Supported Research

To read about how our generous donors have helped UVA researchers make discoveries and help patients, please visit the articles below about our philanthropically-supported research.


Solving the Researcher's Paradox -

The Owens Family Foundation support for George Bloom has helped George Bloom advance Alzheimer's research.

Research Seeks to Unravel the Brain's Genetic Tapestry to Tackle Rare Genetic Disorder -

The Bow Foundation's has helped support for Mike McConnell's genetic epilepsy research.

New Hope for Patients with Parkinson's Disease -

John Mitchell's clinical research endowment in his wife's name supported Jeffrey Elias and Binit Shah's highly selective drug therapies for Parkinson's disease research.

Using Sound to Heal -

Private support from benefactors has helped speed clinical trials including Jeffrey Elias' focused ultrasound trials for essential tremors.