Thousands of people have been touched by autism, or know someone who has. At UVA, we are starting to answer questions about autism that we didn’t even know how to ask a few years ago.

What if we could diagnose autism before a child’s third birthday?

What if we leveraged imaging and genetics to uncover why autism looks different in the female brain?

What if all teachers were trained in how to best support their students living with autism?

What if parents of autistic children could rest easy, knowing their communities were prepared to help their children thrive?

The pace of discovery is getting faster, but for those impacted by autism, it’s still not enough.

Private support is critical to accelerating our work and generating discoveries that help people with autism reach their fullest potential.

By supporting the Autism Center of Excellence at UVA, you can help us find the answers we need. To learn more about supporting brain science at UVA, click here. Or contact Kelly Reinhardt, Senior Associate Director of, UVA Brain, at or 434-243-GIVE.